Craft trail 2014

Shetland Arts & Crafts Association is proud to announce the publication of our lates tCraft Trail leaflet. More craftspeople, artists and related shops and outletsthan ever are participating in opening their workshops or studios – sometimes purpose built and professional; sometimes just a corner of a house – to visitors.

In 2009 several Association committee members visited Orkney with Shetland Arts to investigate their well established Craft Trail. They found that there was nothing that couldn’t work in Shetland.

Craft Trail 2014 The trail itself consists of a high quality leaflet, with a map and details of all the participants. Each member also has distinctive signs for their premises. The leaflet is widely distributed, and is also available as a PDF download here

The current strength of the art and craft sector is reflected in the number and variety of participants. Wendy Inkster, secretary of the Association said:

We have members from Fair Isle to Unst , from Sandness to Whalsay, with crafts ranging from to traditional knitwear to innovative designs in textiles, wood, glass and pottery; as well as some truly original artwork.”

Many Shetland crafts can only be seen at events like the Clickimin Craft Show (which we also organise) so this is a great opportunity for manufacturers to sell to visitors and Shetlanders alike, and for customers a chance to buy genuine Shetland produce throughout the year.”

A strong and growing industry has been hidden away from view for too long”.

Despite the name, there is no set route to follow – concentrate on one geographical area, if you like, or on one type of work (knitwear or art, maybe) or just wander at random.  The Craft Trail is the perfect excuse to “go for a run”; wherever you go you'll find great variety and interest – in fact there are only two certainties; quality products, and a warm welcome.

Download the leaflet now